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Sport Fishing

Coming to Baja to Fish?

We are booking quality charters on a fifty foot cruiser run out of Ensenada. We'll drive you from Poco Cielo Hotel so you can roll out early and we'll bring you back for a great dinner where we'll even cook your catch for you. 

Ensenada is the jumping off point for all of the salt water fishing in the Northern Baja area with great natural features including the Punta Banda Peninsula, Todos Santos Island, The Banda Bank, and even Cedros Island some 200 miles to the south – all with excellent fishing.

Local fishing in Ensenada is always on year round.  Colder months feature Bonita, Rock Cod, Barracuda, Ling Cod, Shark fishing, Mackerel and winter Yellowtail possible.  Warmer months bring a migration of Pelagic Species including Albacore Tuna and Bluefin Tuna in the early season, Yellowfin Tuna, Dorado, Marlin and Wahoo in the later summer months when water temperatures get as high as 75 degrees. .

Our full service captain and crew provide all tackle and bait and breakfast is included on longer trips. Experienced fishermen are encouraged to bring their own rigs and we will accommodate all types of trolling gear or special setups as requested. Bring your own lunch and beverages (we can arrange all this for an extra charge if necessary).

One day fishing licenses are required for all fishermen.  Follow this link to get your fishing license online.

The Boat:  A 50 ft Mikelson spacious cruiser with upper and lower areas, salon, bathrooms and full kitchen.  Sunning areas forward also fish well, or can be used for family and other spectators who just want to come for the beautiful ride.

Home berth is at Ensenada’s Cruise port and you will need to follow the directions when you book to get in to this secure area and onto the boat.

Open charters are run on Saturdays (when there is no private charter booking the boat). 125. per person, targeting whatever species are active and in range


Tuna Trips:

Targeting tuna means cruising as far as 50 miles or more offshore.  This adds hours of cruising time to get out to the tuna migration grounds, and means leaving in the early AM and coming back late -

Tuna trips when offered as an open charter cost roughly $200. Per person. 


The entire boat can be chartered for $2150.  For private tuna charters.

Best thing is to call our office and discuss what’s available for the dates you are interested in and we can set it up.  661-131-7007   


Give us a call to get it set up


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