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Baja Wine Valley (Valle de Guadalupe)

Wine Tastings and Tours

You've heard about the NAPA Valley of Mexico and guess what?  The stories are true!  With over 70 boutique wineries and new gourmet restaurants springing up every day - all set in a beautiful natural mountain valley you have the ingredients for a delicious pilgrimage like no other.  

We will pick you up from Poco Cielo Hotel and take you to only the best spots whether you are a couple or small group.  We feature great customer service with wine expertise and introductions to personal realtionships with the wine makers themselves and all that goes on in the hard to find out fo the way spots most visitors never get to see.

Whether you choose our basic or VIP tour package you are going to have a great time - and we do the driving so you can sit back and relax.  

Standard Wine Tour Package Includes visits to three different wineries:  $99. per person

VIP Wine Tour Package  $125 Per Person

Stay tuned for more detail on these packages coming shortly.

Ready To Book A Wine Tour Now?

Call Our Adventure In Baja Reservations Desk:  661-131-7007   or email

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